Kapka Kassabova’s Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe

For #BulgarianLiteratureMonth (hosted by the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative) I reviewed Kapka Kassabova’s travelogue Border. A fascinating and moving book, well worth your time.


Thanks to Thomas Huebner of Mytwostotinki for organizing Bulgarian Literature Month.

6 thoughts on “Kapka Kassabova’s Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe

  1. A pleasure to read this review, Dorian, particularly after having just reached the final page of Manning’s The Balkan Trilogy, with its constant hovering anxiety about the region’s borders and which ones one might cross to escape the Nazis’ advance. Speaking of which, in another the post you dangled the possibility of a group read of the continuation of Manning’s tale in her Levant Trilogy. I am completely down with that, particularly as I know I’ll be compelled to read it in any event.

    • Thanks, Scott. (Also I am reminded that I have been meaning to comment on your fascinating Transylvania post… Balkans all the time…)
      I am planning to take the Levant Trilogy to Canada next month, so would definitely be up for a group read. Happy to put the word out and see if others are interested. Would something like the first week of August work?

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