The Books I Bought in Montreal

The Pegnitz Junction—Mavis Gallant (hometown gal)

A Fairly Good Time—Mavis Gallant (her only novel, I think, in a nice hardcover)

Romola—George Eliot (one of the old orange spine Penguins)

Zuleika Dobson—Max Beerbohm (delightful Penguin pocket book)

Gaudy Night—Dorothy L. Sayers (last person on the planet yet to read this)

Natural Causes—James Oswald (UK crime, worth a flutter)

In Pursuit of the English—Doris Lessing (wonderful opening sentence, been meaning to read this for years)

The Crime at Black Dudley—Margery Allingham (curious: haven’t read Allingham before)

Pretty good haul, considering I had seven dozen bagels to bring home, too.

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